We really value all the wonderful ways volunteers assist in all sorts of ways at SLPS. Volunteers help in the canteen, as sports coaches and managers, assist in classrooms, on camps and excursions, as Class Representatives and help out in so many other ways too.

The 9 steps to be completed before commencing as a volunteer in schools are:

Step 1: Application Form

Volunteer completes a SLPS volunteer application form.

Collect an application form from the Office or download from this link.

Step 2: Interview

Volunteer gives the application form to Mel or Heather with photo ID and has a brief discussion

Step 3: Referee Check

A SLPS staff member contacts a referee

Step 4: WWCC

The volunteer starts the WWCC clearance process (if the volunteer has no current DCSI clearance) This step can often take 3 to 5 weeks; the volunteer can continue with the steps below while waiting for the WWCC process to be completed.

Provide a copy of your current WWCC (or DCSI until it expires) to Mel or Heather, alternatively we can start the process for you

Step 5: RAN-EC

The volunteer completes a Responding to Abuse and Neglect Education and Care (RAN-EC) course for volunteers.

To be completed through the Plink Portal

Step 7: General Induction Course

The volunteer needs to complete a general induction course.

The General Induction Course can be accessed through the Plink Portal.

Step 8: Site Specific Induction

SLPS Site-specific induction, including work health and safety and role-specific training (if relevant) is done at SLPS

Step 9: Volunteer Agreement

The volunteer signs a volunteer agreement at the Site Induction.

Once signed the volunteer can commence their role/s

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